Natural guts defeating natural talent • Failure is underrated • If you really felt your life mattered, would you still watch TV? • If it's not simple, don't eat it. • Recycle... shove everyone's opinion back down their throat • Constant praise is needed • Significant Others v.s. insignificant Others • Find a path. Hopefully it doesn't lead to a strip mall • Food for thought, just don't get ketchup in your hair • God made man in his own image, so I guess he's an underachiever too • I make it sometimes without even trying • I keep pushing but nothing has moved • I'm sorry did I misunderestimate you? • Don't think I'm not aware of what you didn't do.  inner ear imbalance symptoms

Something is on my mind, and I can't get it off. • If you could find the words, would you keep them to yourself ? • Happiness is a decision. I'm indecisive • There is plenty in this world I will never see...But more then enough to talk about • What have I surrounded myself with? • I'm a reasonable man, get off my case • Making a fool of yourself is one of lifes easiest skills • A realist is just an optimist that already knows it's not going to work out • This is the beginning... again • The evan derian website redesign • Representing the artist as himself, or the person he'd like to be • Hopefully this site will come closer then others • It will make more or less sense as I progress, more or less • Most of this will be true

January 2011

The revised and colorized "Thorns of Grace" comic will be available in February.

September 2010

Miserable Americans graphic novel. Preview pages coming soon as work continues.

August 2010

Officially part of the Michigan State University's Comic Book Library Collection

Interview with a Comic Book Artist - Episode One has been posted in the artist bio section.

The invention of "SPLIT" has begun. The first Superhero/Horror comic. Samples coming soon.